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Q: Can I bring food including a birthday cake and drinks inside No Surrender?

A: No.  No outside food or drinks are allowed.  Unless you have a Birthday Party Room reservation you will not be allowed to bring cake or desserts to the main dining area.  Party rooms may be rented the day of upon availability.  No Surrender offers a wide variety of food and drinks at the No Surrender Grill inside the main dining area.


Q: Can I drop off my child at No Surrender and leave?

A: No.  Children 17 years old and younger must be accompanied by a parent or guardian adult.


Q: Do you have any specials?

A: Yes, Check out our Specials and Events Page frequently for the most recent updates. You can also get information about our specials at the entrance of the park or from the attendant at the front desk.


Q: How Much does it cost to enter No Surrender?

A: Nothing! Admission to No Surrender Adventure Parks is free. Simply purchase attractions of your choice that you would like to participate in.  Rules and height restrictions do apply.


Q: Can I bring in my pet?

A: No pets are allowed.


Q: Can I bring personal protection?

A: Absolutely no weapons are allowed inside No Surrender Adventure Parks.  Knives and firearms are not permitted except by sworn law enforcement personnel.


Q: Can my Arcade Card be used at each location?

A: As of now Arcade Card balances are not transferable between stores, but may be possible in the future!


Q: Can my Gift Card be used at each location?

A: As of now Gift Card balances are not transferable between stores, but may be possible in the future!


Q: Do I have to Purchase No Surrender Brand Grip Socks or can I use socks from other parks?

A: No Surrender Grip socks are required to participate in Attractions at No Surrender.


Q: What age ranges does No Surrender Adventure Parks accommodate?

A: No Surrender accommodates a variety of age ranges from toddlers to adults. Attractions are height and age specific.  There is family fun for everyone at No Surrender.


Q: Do I have to stay at No Surrender while my kids play?

A: Children under the age of  13 must have a parent present at all times.


Q: Who can sign a waiver of liability to participate at no surrender?

A: Parents and/or Guardians 18 years or older can sign a waiver. Waivers for children and teens under 18 must be signed by an authorized adult.


Q: If I have a waiver filled out at one location do I have to make a new one at a different location?

A: No Surrender offers many attractions that vary between locations. Because of this waivers are store specific and have to be created for each location you plan on visiting.


Q: How long is my waiver good for?

A: Waivers are valid for one year from the date of completion.


Q: Are tennis shoes required?

A: Some attractions require closed-toed shoes to participate. It is best to bring a pair just in case you decide to use one of the attractions they must be worn on.